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Half of creativity may be pure inspiration but that other fifty per cent is learning what works and doesn't. Yet what can be learnt can be taught. And at any age.

For many years Steve ran courses on 'Story Telling' and 'Modern Poetics' at the Drama Department of The University of Birmingham. These have now been adapted into fun and accessible 'Story Making Workshops' for Years 8 to 12. What Steve does is takes all the 'magic ingredients' of a good yarn such as surprise revelations, the trigger for action, the ultimate goal, the big dilemma, and shows how once you know what these are anyone can put an exciting tale together. And to illustrate this Steve uses examples from familiar Animation Classics such as THE LION KING, THE LITTLE MERMAID and ALADDIN.

Over the years, Steve has given many talks on 'Story' and 'Comedy' to children and teenagers in colleges and at summer schools. His Comedy Workshop, 'Think Funny', takes all the components of comedy, such as surprise, exaggeration, comic pairings, opposites and ambiguity, and demonstrates how knowing what goes into a joke can help you make them up!

Also available for schools is Steve's unique SAID-A-SAURUS, a personal collection of over a thousand words and terms that can be used instead of 'said'. Steve put this compilation together as he was writing his own book and uses it on a regular basis. The SAID-A-SAURUS, a helpful aid for a writer of any age, would be especially valuable as a learning tool for teachers in lesson planning and writing classes.

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As an engaging story teller with an exceptional talent for voices, Steve is ideal for book reading in schools. As he was writing the novel, Steve would often create a vocal characteristic for each character as the words went onto the page and afterwards he would act out the whole scene in the many different voices. Of course this is not a new creative technique, as someone called Charles Dickens got there first!

With Steve as your very own story teller, each and every weird and wonderful character magically comes alive in an exciting performance that takes you right to the heart of this comic and exhilarating tale.