Destination time travel title

DESTINATION TIME TRAVEL – by Steve Nallon and Dick Fiddy

The Storytelling Techniques of the Time Travel Tale

Where are we going?

The future, Doc!

Great Scott!

Not forgetting the wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey past.

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That's right, ticket holders, DESTINATION TIME TRAVEL is your journey into the many worlds of the Time Travel Tale – exploring its tropes, its rules, its devices, its science, its values, its plots, its characters and, most importantly, its enduring – and timeless – appeal.

Yes, in DESTINATION TIME TRAVEL you'll find Time Portals, Time Vortexes, Magic Potions, Artefacts, Time Windows, Time Threads, Time Beings, Time Villains, Time Guardians, Time Loops, Causal Loops, Time Paradoxes, Time Rules, Time Codes, Dreams, Foretellings, Memory, Premonitions, Immortals, Ghosts (oooh! are ghosts Time Travellers?), Utopias/Dystopias, Counterfactuals, Time Sleep Tales, Time Stopped Tales, Genre Crossovers – plus of course the science and philosophy that underpins your Time World.



Well, it's all about time travel tales and we've called the opening chapter of DESTINATION TIME TRAVEL It's Story Time! because it asks why do we even bother to tell stories about time travel when they can't be true? But we know they do, so the chapter goes on to explores the writing craft of such tales. To illustrate this we've chosen two contrasting Time Tales: Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future and Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Who Tells the Time Tale? poses the question who is the storyteller and how should the tale be told and the following chapter, Who Knows What, When and Why? considers the importance of story information in building a Time Tale. The next chapter, The Time Machines, looks at the technology, science and design of some well known and a few lesser known mechanisms of temporal transport. Portals, Passageways, Gateways and Vortexes considers what you might call ‘Time Doorways' in the past, future or alternate timeline universes. Potions, Magic, Genii, Artefacts and Other Tickets for the Time Terminal explores the many and various clever ways you can time travel, especially if you know a friendly wizard or two. Time Windows and Time Threads examines the need sometimes in a Time Tale to connect one time world with another. After all that it's time to celebrate some of the main players in a Time Tale in Time Beings, Time Villains and Time Guardians. The next two chapters, Time Loops and Causal Loops in Time Tales and The Paradoxes of Time and Time Travel, reflect on the many tricky conceits of time travel that often require you to have a corkscrew mind that can think backwards. The Stories and Plots of the Time Tale looks at reoccurring scenarios such as endangered futures, being stranded in the wrong time and encountering multiverses. The Dramatic Devices of the Time Tale considers some of the tricks of the trade, so to speak, and The Rules of Time and Time Codes examines the various rules and strictures that are required, depending on the type of Time Tale. Dreams, Foretellings, Prophecy and Memory does what it says on the tin in that it reflects on dreams, foretellings, prophecy and memory. Ageing, Immortals and Ghosts looks at those who are immune to the ravages of time (or strive to be) and reflects on that vexing question: Are ghosts time travellers? Utopias/Dystopias, Counterfactuals, Social Commentary, Time Sleep, and Time Stopped takes a side-step into certain aspects of Time Tales which aren't strictly speaking about time travel but do involve a fundamental alteration of time or our understanding of it. Time Tales and Genre Crossovers asks whether there is such a thing as the time travel genre and examines the way the time travel plot has now found its way into the rom-com, horror movies and even westerns. The Science of Time and The Philosophy of Time explore in layman's terms some of the scientific principles underlying the possibility of time travel and the philosophical ideas around Time itself. We conclude DESTINATION TIME TRAVEL with The Appeal of the Time Tale which reflects on the enduring popularity of time travel stories.

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Our purpose in DESTINATION TIME TRAVEL is not to reveal, as it were, the man behind the curtain, but rather to enhance the appreciation of the magic of the time travel tale by offering an insight into the storytelling craft and the decisions which go with it. The book is aimed primarily at the children of the streaming era who prefer to find their stories on multiple platforms. Although reference is made to the works of classic SF authors such as Philip K. Dick and Robert Silverberg and, of course, the great H.G. Wells, the majority of examples in DESTINATION TIME TRAVEL come from movies and television shows.

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The history and analysis that you’ll find in DESTINATION TIME TRAVEL is by no means complete, nor is it meant to be an assessment of the merit of one Time Tale over another, though inevitably some observations are made on what works well and what does not. The aim is simply to offer a flavour of the many creative and dramatic choices available to the writer, plus the many scientific and philosophical ideas that can be explored when telling the tales of time.

Destination Time Travel Contents page
Destination Time Travel Contents page
I Love It - HG Wells
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Steve Nallon is a writer, voice artist, actor and occasional academic and lecturer. Steve's acting and voice artist work ranges from theatre, film and television, to video games, puppetry and audio books. As a playwright and comedy writer, Steve has a considerable body of credits to his name, including plays and series for BBC radio, three one-man theatre shows, plus the satirical book I, MARGARET, published by Macmillan, which he co-wrote with the novelist Tom Holt. THE TIME THAT NEVER WAS, the first in Steve's Time Adventure book series THE SWIDGERS, was published by Luath Press in 2022. For most of the 1990s Steve was a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Birmingham, where his specialist areas of study were story theory, comedy and Greek theatre, and he continues to teach and offer workshops on a freelance basis. Over the years, Steve has contributed to numerous periodicals such as THE NEW STATESMAN and MUSICAL STAGES, and is a much sought after speaker on the lecture circuit for his insightful and amusing talks.


Dick Fiddy has researched into, and written extensively about, archive television for many years. He is the author of MISSING BELIEVED WIPED: SEARCHING FOR THE LOST HERITAGE OF BRITISH TELEVISION and is the coordinator of the British Film Institute's Missing Believed Wiped initiative, which seeks to uncover items absent from the official TV archives. Dick is employed at the BFI as their Archive Television Programmer.

Albert Einstein some of it was quite good relatively speaking
time travel books and movies posters 1 time travel books and movies posters 1


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