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About THE SWIDGERS Book Series



You see, William Arthur, our young hero in THE TIME THAT NEVER WAS, is no ordinary teenager – for he is a Swidger! Yes, William, and others like him, can sense future catastrophes and so alter your timepath to certain peril.

However, little does William know that his time-bending powers go way beyond just accident prevention. Only as this unexpected gift begins to be revealed to him, a life-saving endeavour goes mind-bogglingly wrong, and everything that William thinks he knows about himself and his world is put into question.

Luckily though he is joined by a wise yet slightly dotty lady by the name of ‘Granny’, whose antics in the tale are often hilarious! But Granny comes with a warning too, for she explains to William that now there’s been “an attack” he’s not longer safe.

After a visit to a very odd chap called ‘Echo’ and a bewildering and laugh-out-loud funny evening at a Parent Teacher Meeting, Granny and William embark on a mystical journey to the strange and terrifying Old Coach Inn. And it’s here where our young hero must defeat the menacing Aloysius in order to save all who live there from being trapped in Time itself.

Will William learn the true nature of his gift? And can he evade the dark force that would use his powers for evil? All will be revealed… IN TIME.

Praise for Swidgers from Writers and Novelists

"A rambunctious riot of a book with a totally unpredictable plot – I never knew where I was going to be taken next! Granny is a joy of a character; delightfully irreverent with wicked one-liners." Joseph Elliott, author of The Good Hawk, The Broken Raven and The Burning Swift

"We see this wonderful adventure through William’s eyes and share the adrenalin rush from his perspective. This is a great story for YA readers and grown-ups who, like William, find themselves caught up in the whirlwind of life. I loved it!" Sonia Beldom, author of Granny Franny’s Big Red Bus

"Grabs you from the beginning and doesn’t let go. Steve is a master mimic and uses all his skills to create a powerful and dramatic tale of mystery!" Rory Bremner, BAFTA winning writer and performer

"Exciting, often very funny and always gripping, this is a book about adventures in time – Past, Present and Future. And in the future? Well, the good news is that there is already a sequel on the way." William Palmer, author of The India House and The Good Republic

"Steve Nallon is an experienced and formidable talent and this departure into YA fantasy may win him a whole new generation of fans." Jenny Lecoat, screenwriter, novelist and author of Hedy’s Girl and the movie Another Mother’s Son

"Granny is a great creation and a magnificent character in every sense: engaging, shocking, loveable, embarrassing, bright and very, very funny! It’s all very impressive!" Alistair McGowan, BAFTA winning writer and performer

"I loved it. As a former teacher, the parent teacher meetings struck a particular chord." Geoff Northcott, comedian and author of Where Did I Go Right?

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Support Material and Resources

THE SWIDGERS offers FREE online access to several manuscripts relating to the many themes of SWIDGERS and its creation.

SWIDGERS is a Time Adventure series and TELLING THE TALES OF TIME offers a detailed history and analysis of time travel in fiction, television and the movies.

William Arthur in SWIDGERS is, as with Harry Potter and Luke Skywalker, an orphan and ORPHANS AND THEIR MENTORS offers an in depth insight into the tradition of the orphan in folklore, classical literature and popular culture.

A third online book called STORY CRAFT, looking at how stories work, is currently in preparation.

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